Software Developer


Wednesday 10 June, 11.00 – 12.00

Web “development” can take many forms in today’s modern day world of software development. ​

It was only in the early 1990s that the basic versions of the web started to take shape. With the constant evolution of technologies, the world wide web has developed into a central point in today’s society. The web is at the centre of a lot of things, most importantly business. ​

HTML is an important language for software developers to understand. The concepts can be applied in many other aspects of development, and are useful for languages such as XML and XML interface design in things like Android and JavaFX. We can even use HTML in many programming languages.​

The reality is nowadays, we don’t really use technologies such as flash anymore. We now have HTML5 to deliver a rich multimedia experience to our website visitors. ​What’s more, when we create our websites, we cannot be sure of the type of device that can ​consume our webpage. We can view webpages on quite a number of devices. ​

It is possible to “Ok Google” and view a web page from your PC, a car, from your TV, ​a tablet and even on your watch. This is why responsive design should be at the ​heart of any website/application you are creating.​

There are so many aspects to cover and understand, therefore this session can only ​be an introduction. This taster session will get you started with coding in HTML/CSS and ​we will look at things like the Flexbox model and how it can be used to help in ​responsive development. ​

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