Why your business needs apprentices

The Digital skills gap continues to grow each year which is why it is vital that your business has employees with the skill sets necessary to enable your business to compete in it’s industry.

Let’s assume you’re looking to find your next member of the team, an Infrastructure Technician, for example. Ideally, you’re going to be looking for someone who has the right technical abilities, great time management skills and fits your criteria as closely as possible. There is no reason why an apprentice can not tick all of these boxes.

As a client, before you even receive the candidate’s CV, Estio has personally interviewed each applicant to make sure they have the desired qualities employers look for. Although not every candidate has a long archive of experience, we’re here to make sure they have all of the necessary requirements to do their job to a great standard.

The majority of apprentices won’t have had previous employment in roles that they’re applying for, this means they’ll follow the working patterns of the people they’re shadowing/learning from. Apprenticeships essentially allow employers to take a great candidate and create a brilliant employee, this reduces staff turnover and potentially decreases the need to employ new members of staff.

The majority of our apprentices stay with their initial employer and progress onto the next level of their apprenticeship or full time employment. As your apprentice begins to gain more knowledge you can award them with bigger projects, giving them more responsibility and a wider sense of accomplishment within their work.

The Apprenticeship Levy is also a big factor in why your business needs apprentices. Whether you have an apprentice or not you may still be affected by the Levy, so it makes good business sense to utilise what you may be investing in and employ an outstanding member of staff.

You can view the Government website regarding the Apprenticeship Levy here.
You can also read more on the skills gap and why apprenticeships are the key to closing it here.

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