Why should my teen start an apprenticeship?

Why should my teen complete an IT Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are constantly evolving year on year, rapidly becoming the number one alternative to college and university for ages 16-24. It’s crucial that as a parent you have an understanding of what it really means to take on an IT apprenticeship and the reasoning behind a young adult wanting to venture into the working world. Estio Training recruits many apprentices each year and 94% progress into full time employment or go on to study the level 4 in their chosen field of work. However, parents are still sceptical about what benefits an apprenticeship could have for their teen.

A few questions we frequently receive include:

What qualifications will my son/daughter achieve?

Your son/daughter’s qualifications will vary depending on the sector of IT they choose. Most Estio apprenticeships include a City & Guilds qualification or something similar. Apprentices can also gain industry recognised certifications such as Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) or CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+ and Server+. No matter which apprenticeship is chosen apprentices achieve some of the very latest vendor qualifications so they’re fully prepared for the working world.

How long is an apprenticeship?

A level 3 advanced apprenticeship lasts around 12-18 months and includes a work placement combined with technical training. The duration of a level 4 advanced apprenticeship is around 24 months. Estio Training also offers remote blended learning apprenticeships which can be taken at any age.

What happens after the apprenticeship is completed?

This part is all about choice, your son/daughter may get the opportunity to progress further or start full time employment. If agreed with the employer your teen has a brilliant shot at a full time career to get a foot on the job ladder, earn a wage and gain skills in the working world.

What wages should be expected?

The current apprenticeship national minimum wage stands at £3.50 per hour, although companies often pay above the national average. Another factor to include would be the type of apprenticeship your son/daughter chooses to work in; more advanced apprenticeships naturally come with more advanced salaries. Don’t forget to factor in travel costs too.

What kind of roles will my son/daughter take on?

Estio Training has a wide range of IT apprenticeships ranging from Infrastructure Technician to Digital Marketing and everything in between. Estio partners with leading companies across the UK to offer some of the best apprenticeship opportunities for young people – these roles are advertised on the National Apprenticeship Service website www.getingofar.gov.uk and also on www.estio.co.uk but be quick as these roles are not always available for long.

What are the entry requirements to start an Apprenticeship?

Each apprenticeship role requires different skills and attributes. As a general rule, Estio requires a minimum of 4 GSCEs (A* to C or 4-9) and we look for a genuine passion in IT or Digital Marketing.

Estio Training has a wide range of IT apprenticeships ranging from Infrastructure Technician to Digital Marketing and everything in between.

For a full list of our current vacancies visit our site at www.estio.co.uk/training/vacancies

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This blog was written by Anthony McCawley, 17 year old Digital Marketing Apprentice.

Twitter: @EstioAnthony