Why now is the time to recruit an apprentice

If you’ve used any form of social media as of recent you’ll know that it is exam results season. A-Levels results were held on the 17th August, which leaves GCSE results to be held on the 24th August.

Now, more than ever, young people are opening their eyes to their options when considering their careers. In 2016 there were over 509,000 new apprenticeship starts, an increase of over 9,500 from the previous year. It’s clear that apprenticeships are growing and for good reason. Apprenticeships are seen as the answer to the skills gap, evidenced by the Government’s pledge to place three million apprentices by the year 2020.

“So I should recruit my next apprentice because it’s exam results season?”

No, that’s not the sole reason you should recruit an apprentice right now. With young people finishing school and college there is a fresh pool of young talent looking for employers, like yours, to help them launch their careers in IT. However the summer is coming to a close and the candidate pool is getting smaller, recruit your apprentice with Estio and start your journey together today.

Here at Estio we specialise in IT Apprenticeships, offering a wide range of IT standards; it’s understandable why we are a leading IT Apprenticeship Provider. To enquire about recruiting an apprentice contact us on hello@estio.co.uk or call 01133 500 333 today.