Why it’s important to fail

Failure is an important part of being human, through failure we’ve learned to evolve, grow and expand our resources – so why in today’s society do we see failure as such a bad thing? After all, it’s gotten us to where we are now…

Essentially it’s because it means you’re wrong. You thought you were right but you were wrong, and it’s pretty embarrassing, am I right? However, failure is what makes you stronger and smarter – that flushed faced feeling you get when you fail, it’s all part of making you a more intelligent human.

So what? Just because you perceive yourself to have ‘failed’ doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the road. For example, if you didn’t receive the grades you wanted and can’t get into the University you chose, perhaps you just need to shift your perspective. Success is relative.

Some of the most successful figures in tech, such as Richard Branson, studied in an apprenticeship and have earned quality business skills as well as their tech skills. We’re not promising you’ll become a multi-millionaire just from being an apprentice, however the point we’re trying to make is that university isn’t always the sole route to success. Branson, even now, still recommends apprenticeships as a strong route to getting the solid foundations of a great career.

Now more than ever, employers are looking to hire experienced members of staff into their team of experts – you can’t be a seasoned professional stuck in a classroom can you?

Of course, nobody leaves their house in the morning with intent to fail, but the point is that if you do fail it’s not the end of the world. In fact, failure is what makes you more efficient – the next time you come up against something that you failed at before, you can avoid the failure and make a success out of your mistakes.

Einstein is often quoted as having said: “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”. This illustrates our point perfectly.

So don’t be afraid to fail, all it means is that you’re evolving, becoming a better human, and if you don’t let failure hold you back you’re also strengthening your work ethic! After all, nobody great became who they are/were without a touch of failure here and there. Try not to beat yourself up if you don’t do as well as you hoped, congratulate yourself for learning something new and understanding what you can do next time to achieve better.

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