Why Digital Skills are vital for your future

We’re surmising that one of the reasons you started an apprenticeship is because College and/or University weren’t for you. Congratulations, not only did you choose one of the leading digital training providers, but each apprenticeship standard that we offer gives you key digital skills that any employer will find beneficial.

That’s great, right? But why are these skills as crucial to your future as they have become?

Let’s start with a study from Barclays.
Barclay’s Digital Development Index (2017) analysed over 88,000 UK Job advertisements in various sectors and assessed the digital skills of 6,000 UK citizens also working in various sectors.

The analysis shows a trend that we just can’t ignore. Employers are more than prepared to pay a huge premium of £10,000 per year for the digital skills they need to keep their company up to date. This means that the staff of such companies could generate a huge sum of £100,000 per ten years from their premium alone. Salary increases of over £3,000 are also on offer to those with graphic design and 3D modelling skills.

Skills come hand in hand with experience, you can’t have the skills if you don’t have the experience. Which is why apprentices, like yourself, have joined the revolution in the working world and started an apprenticeship. By the time your friends finish college or university you’ll already have the upper-hand with at least one year of experience and an industry recognised qualification under your belt. Of course, it’s not just the experience you’re getting – it’s the digital skills that’s one of the most vital assets of an apprenticeship.

I bet the next question you’re asking is what else do these skills mean for your future other than money?

The longevity of your career. To put it bluntly, if you aren’t learning the skills or don’t have them at all, you won’t get the job. It’s not enough for you to charm your way through the door anymore. In a time where the skills gap is increasing, employers are actively seeking out candidates who are willing to soak up the knowledge and improve their own career which will also benefit them in keeping retention rates high. The passion you show for IT and tech will be determined with time, your employer will see you’re dedicated to learning and to the organisation you’re working with.

Having digital skills instantly makes you a great asset to any company you work for so we’re happy that you chose Estio to assist you in becoming a great employee.


If you’re interested in joining the digital revolution with Estio get in touch with a member of our team on 01133 500 333.