What are the benefits of progression?

At Estio we actively encourage all of our apprentices that are coming to the end of their Level 3 apprenticeship to progress onto a Level 4. Some of our employers and apprentices ask us what the benefits of embarking upon another stage of education can be, rather than just joining the working world full time. Whilst we can understand some apprentices may be keen to join employment full-time, it’s important to take into account the benefits of progression.

Every apprentice knows that it is important that work is of the highest standard. The nature of working in IT is that the job is forever evolving and changing, so it’s important that apprentices keep up to date with work. The best way to achieve the highest standard of work and gain the most industry-specific and up-to-date knowledge is to progress into a Level 4 apprenticeship. Level 4 apprenticeships are typically a two year programme, and apprentices that successfully complete the programme will come out with a qualification that is the equivalent to a foundation degree at university.

Level 4 apprenticeships are a great opportunity for apprentices to broaden their knowledge on the topics they may not have covered in their Level 3 apprenticeship, and deeper embed this into the company they work for.

You might think that this goes without saying, but progressing onto a Level 4 will also help apprentices to build up their CV. Progression shows that an apprentice is passionate about their job, and is committed to furthering their capabilities whilst simultaneously showing dedication to their employer. On a Level 4 Apprenticeship there is the opportunity to gain industry-recognised vendor qualifications such as CompTIA, Microsoft, & City & Guilds. These qualifications accompanied by Estio’s expert training provide any apprentice with an exceptional CV.

Another more unofficial aspect of progressing onto a Level 4 is that the calibre of students that apprentices study alongside tends to be higher. By this stage in an apprenticeship an apprentice will be surrounded by other learners who have already gained a wealth of experience themselves in their jobs, as well as completed their Level 3. Our apprentices often find that when learning in our training centres during their Level 4, they tend to learn almost as much from the other apprentices in their classes from comparing scenarios at work as they do from the training itself.

Over the next month we will be speaking with some of our apprentices on the topic of progression, so stay tuned to hear from our apprentices themselves on why progression is the best option for apprentices.

If you are currently on a Level 3 apprenticeship or have an apprentice on a Level 3, and would like to speak with Estio about progressing onto a Level 4, please get in touch with our Client Engagement Team on 01133 500 333.