“A year ago, I felt lost. Now I can go anywhere.”

As A’Level and GCSE results days move ever closer, many young people will be thinking long and hard about what path to take next.

For Infrastructure Technician, Travis King, choosing an apprenticeship wasn’t just about getting a job – it was about regaining his self-esteem.

Travis outside Warley Road Primary School where he has now completed his apprenticeship.

Like more and more young people navigating secondary education, Travis found that the academic approach at school and college didn’t suit his way of learning. “I was never interested in school or college; it never got the best out of me, so when I left to get a job, I knew I didn’t have the grades I needed to simply jump into a career,” he explains.

Moving into the working world also brought its challenges for Travis: “I found myself in a job I didn’t like and for a while I felt quite lost,” he says. “But thankfully it was that experience that motivated me to find something I’m truly interested in and passionate about.”

That turned out to be IT, having already spent time at home fixing very simple issues with his own computer. He says: “Even though I had limited knowledge, I realised that a more hands-on approach to solving problems was better for me and that’s when I realised an apprenticeship could be the right option for me.”

After approaching Estio, Travis knew early on he’d found the training provider for him. Reflecting on his first impression he says: “From the second I got in touch with Estio I could feel that they really wanted me to do well. The resourcing team really took me under their wing and were fantastic at finding me the right roles and helping me prepare.”

“I’d decided I wanted to be an Infrastructure Technician and within just a few weeks, I was attending interviews and getting job offers. It wasn’t like any other company.”

Travis accepted an Infrastructure Technician position at Warley Road Primary School where he has spent the past year completing his apprenticeship and building his skills. Talking about the some of the responsibilities he has now he says:

“Looking back, it’s incredible what I’ve learned in just 12 months. I’m coding and creating my own programs and scripts. I’ve published a website built with pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript’s, and not forgetting the company app that I created on both IOS and Android. I’ve recently just been fixing a domain controller which deals with 300+ active directory!”

Much of his achievement Travis attributes to the dedicated support of his trainers and skills coach. He adds: “Gavin Fletcher and Tim Butterworth made learning interesting to me for the first time in my life. They motivated me to work hard and showed me how worthwhile it was. My skills coach, Mo Riaz, wouldn’t stop until he got the absolute best out of me. I owe them all so much, as I wouldn’t be here without their help.”

But it wasn’t just the opportunity to start a career that Travis values so strongly. He explains how the apprenticeship experience also took him on a crucial personal journey to rebuild his confidence:

“Before I started my apprenticeship, the thought of working closely with experienced technicians such as Network Engineers was daunting for me, but the people at Estio have helped me to regain my self-esteem. They’ve set me on track and given me the direction I needed for my future.”

To anyone thinking about doing an apprenticeship with Estio, Travis is simple in his advice:

“For someone who didn’t like school, now all I want is more experience, more qualifications and more skills under my belt. So, if you’re interested in IT, what are you waiting for? A year ago, I felt lost. Now I can go anywhere.”