Report shows Employers more likely to take on young person with Apprenticeship experience over Graduate

It has been reported recently that 93% of employers would take on a young person who has completed a 3 year apprenticeship over somebody who has spent 3 years at college or uni.

A national provider of work-based training and apprenticeships questioned 100 UK employers over their attitudes towards apprenticeships in the run up to the GCSE and A-Level results days.

Employers were asked: ‘Thinking about your own company would you take on somebody who had completed a 3-year apprenticeship rather than 3 years studying?’ to which 93% said ‘yes’, with only 7% responding ‘no.’

Respondents to the survey were also asked whether or not they agreed with the statement ‘Apprentices bring a wealth of enthusiasm and energy with them and can make a real difference to a company’s growth.’ To which 86% said ‘yes’, with only 14% saying ‘no’.

In conclusion, it would appear that apprenticeships are providing a real alternative to college or uni when it comes to securing future employment. Rather than spending years building up debts whilst studying, the option to earn as you learn and gain valuable workplace experience is standing young people in good stead for the future.