October’s Learner of the Month is Alex Rothwell

Alex Rothwell has worked at Brooksbank School as an IT Technician apprentice for nearly 2 years, and is part way into his Level 4 apprenticeship.

Alex’s manager Yvonne Clegg nominated Alex for Learner of the Month, noting: “Alex shows diligence and tenacity in sorting the myriad of IT problems that arise every day in the workplace and also shows care and helpfulness when helping the users, whether it is for a student or a member of staff.  He gives 100% every day and still manages to keep on top of his apprentice course workload.”

Brooksbank School is located in Elland, near Halifax in West Yorkshire. Alex was a student at Brooksbank, where he first decided he wanted to persue IT as a career, so it is quite fitting that his apprenticeship has been back where it all began!

We caught up with Alex during a week of his training at our Leeds training centre, and he explained how positive he has found his apprenticeship to be.

“I’ve been working at Brooksbank for 2 years now. I left school to go to Calderdale College, and after that my natural route of progression seemed to be into an apprenticeship. It was a bit strange that I ended up coming to work back at the school I went to, but I found it really interesting transitioning from student to staff member, as sitting in IT classes I’d always wondered about the infrastructure of the school, and now I have the answers.

“I’ve always been interested in IT, I suppose you could describe me as a bit of a ‘geek’; I’ve always loved IT and computer games. My Dad has always had an interest in IT as a hobby, and this encouraged me to persue IT as a career. In the next 5 years I’m quite happy with what I’m doing, but in the future I think I’d quite like to take on more responsibility and move into a managerial position. Whatever position I work in, I know that I always see myself working in IT.

Alex Rothwell fixing hardware at work

“I love IT because it’s always changing and evolving, there is always something new to learn and no two days are the same. Often in our office things can get to a chaotic place, but I love the chaos, and I love to restore the order because I find that really satisfying.

“I really enjoy my training at Estio, because it’s nice to have the opportunity to learn around people who are willing to compare and share ideas and experience of working in very similar roles, but in other companies.

“The trainers are all brilliant: very good at explaining concepts and treat you with respect. You can tell that on your apprenticeship you are not treated like you’re in college, staff treat you as though you’re on the same team as them not beneath them.

“I would absolutely recommend Estio to a friend, I can’t fault the programme! I’ve received plenty of support throughout my apprenticeship.”

Alex at the Estio training centre with his certificate

Alex at the Leeds training centre with his certificate

Yvonne explained that Alex is an incredibly hard worker at Brooksbank and is perfect for the role: “Alex has exactly the right temperament as an IT Technician; knowledgeable, calm and collected but also with resolve and thoroughness. He can be left to work by himself but integrates well his team members.  He thinks things through and goes the extra mile to find out possible solutions to niggling technical problems at work.

He is totally competent with all facets of computer hardware repair and indeed specialises in this aspect of IT in school. He has a keen interest in everything IT and his Estio studies have further encouraged him to put into practice all the things he has learnt, or to find out how his learning can be used in the workplace.”

Yvonne went on to discuss the value of apprenticeships to Brooksbank; “I firmly believe in apprenticeships and would like the school to take on more in differing fields.

“Apprenticeships are good for the student, and good for the business. The student learns on the job which gives them real value in the workplace and the studies they do alongside helps them with both their educational certificates and their work. It is a win, win scenario and an apprenticeship at Brooksbank has always lead to a good job for the apprentice.”

We are so pleased to hear that Alex’s apprenticeship has been incredibly successful and that he is a testament to how valuable apprenticeships can be within schools.

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