Estio an “invaluable source” for Interlink apprenticeship program

At Estio we always ensure to maintain a relationship with both our apprentices and our clients throughout the entire process of the apprenticeship. This month we’ll be speaking to some of our apprentices about progression, including apprentices that would like to progress and apprentices that are already settling into their Level 4. This week we caught up with Harry Clowes, a Software Support Analyst Apprentice, at Interlink Software based in Wilmslow.

Harry and Colin at the Interlink offices in Wilmslow.

Harry began his apprenticeship in January 2016, on a Level 3 IT Software, Web and Telecoms Apprenticeship, and is now a few months into the Level 4. Just over a year into the apprenticeship Harry is still really enjoying the experience.

We wanted to know what life as a Software Support Analyst apprentice involves, and what motivated Harry to choose to progress:

What kind of tasks do you complete on a day-to-day basis?
“Typical daily tasks for me involve providing real time technical support when a server/service stops working. As part of the network & recovery team it’s my role to help colleagues fix their server issues and recover the connections to networks that have been lost.”

Why did you choose to progress?
“I progressed because I enjoy learning with Estio – the qualifications you achieve with a Level 4 apprenticeship are incomparable to anything else and I think the trainers level of expertise is really useful.”

I think progression is a great opportunity for apprentices to develop their skills. By progressing you’re enabling yourself to gain more knowledge about your field of work, which is a benefit for both an apprentice and an employer. Not only does progression give you a great source of knowledge but you can apply it to daily tasks to improve your level of efficiency at work.”

What benefits have you seen from progressing?
“Progressing comes with various benefits. For example, it’s made me even more qualified for my job and future jobs that may come my way. I have so much more responsibility than on my Level 3 and I’m really enjoying the opportunities that come with a Level 4 apprenticeship. Learning is also very important for me; I like to discover new things especially when it comes to anything tech related. Progressing gave me another huge opportunity to learn about all things tech that I could incorporate into my work.”

Colin Griffiths, Chief Technical Officer and Founder of Interlink Software, was incredibly enthusiastic about having Harry on his team and explained how well apprentices are integrated into Interlink:

“We view our apprenticeship appointments as a long term investment and an essential part of our recruitment program. Apprentices are keen and eager to learn and with our bespoke software and solutions the ready-made knowledge and skills are simply not available in the marketplace. Apprentices are readily moulded into our working culture and provide immediate benefits to our organisation through a structured intake program that allows them to hit the ground running. I am a firm believer in theoretical training coupled with hands-on experience and acquisition of knowledge through practice. Estio are an invaluable source for our apprenticeship program in that they provide excellent training and regular check-ups with the apprentices to ensure they complete their training programs on time and always successfully. I would have no hesitation in recommending Estio as a source for any company’s recruitment program.”

We are so pleased to hear about Harry’s success within Interlink, and that Colin views him as such a valuable asset to the team.

If you are interested in taking on an apprentice with Estio Training please contact our Client Engagement Team on 01133 500 333 or email We are also happy to offer advice to our current apprentices who are interesting in progressing onto the next level of their apprenticeship.