In 2012, the Review of Apprenticeships in England was commissioned by the Secretary of State for Education and the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS). The review aimed at identifying whether apprenticeships delivered the training, qualifications and skills that employers and learners needed.

The resulting report highlighted that a significant number of employers felt current SASE Apprenticeship Frameworks were not fit for industry needs.

As a result, the Government formed a strategy to redefine apprenticeships to meet these changing needs.

Employers have designed apprenticeship standards so that they meet the needs of their industry.

A standard should:

  • Be short, concise and clear
  • Set out the full competence needed in an occupation in terms of Knowledge, Skills and Behaviour (KSBs)
  • Have the support of employers including smaller businesses
  • Be sufficiently stretching so that it will require at least a year of sustained and substantial training to meet the standard
  • Align with professional registration where it exists
  • Contain minimum English and maths requirements and only include mandatory qualifications under certain circumstances

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