By offering certifications through our vendor partners, Estio is delivering cutting edge apprenticeships at the forefront of innovative apprenticeship delivery. We are the only apprenticeship provider to offer all of the IT apprenticeship standards, and to give our clients a choice of classroom, remote or blended learning. Our programmes include:

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Typically, when it comes to the delivery of our apprenticeships we encourage apprentices who are embarking upon an apprenticeship straight from school to engage in classroom based learning.

We have always believed that this style of learning will be the most engaging for our apprentices as they are benefiting from having an interactive classroom experience, enabling them to learn from their Trainer and share their experiences with peers. The classroom environment is a perfect surrounding to encourage apprentices to transition from a school environment into the working world, whilst simultaneously providing guidance and support to the learners. Our apprentices benefit from interactive labs in classrooms enabling a hands-on approach to learning.

We still believe this to be true, however, following recent government changes to the funding of apprenticeships we have adapted our delivery options available for our apprenticeships. Changes such as allowing graduates to start apprenticeships in areas other than those they have graduated in, and an emphasis being placed upon employers to encourage them to up-skill their existing staff using apprenticeships, has brought us to a conclusion that classroom based learning will not suit all of our client’s needs.

In response to this we’ve introduced

Blended Learning

Blended Learning allows our clients to choose a bespoke delivery option. The options to select only classroom based learning, or only remote learning still remain, but now our clients have a third option: a mix of both. We believe that this style of learning will most benefit those employees who already have a strong foundation of skills within their industry, but want to benefit from gaining qualifications whilst maintaining a happy work/life balance.

Remote Assessment enables our learners to receive feedback on their progress and assessments without ever having to leave the workplace. Assessors visit our learners and provide in-depth, quality feedback on the learner’s progress within the programme. Assessors will also have access to learner’s online profiles using industry technology that enables them to monitor progress from afar.

Our remote learning options include a mix of self-study, remote assessment, and live webinar sessions with one of our Lead Trainers; these Trainers are highly qualified, boasting some of the highest qualifications from vendors such as CompTIA, Microsoft, HP and Cisco.

Live web sessions enable learners to engage with their tutors after completing their self-study. Using innovative software and technology learners will be able to virtually join classrooms of other learners and experience many of the benefits that classroom learning enables without the over-heads that come with time spent away from work.

Self-study will involve a set-task that will complete an allotted amount of time to complete, for example a set of videos to watch and learn from. At the end of the allotted time, there will be a session with one of our Trainers to cover any gaps in knowledge.

The Blended Learning approach allows employers to select which modules they would like to learn remotely, and which modules they feel would be beneficial to have a face-to-face lesson with one of our dedicated Trainers.

We believe that this approach to learning will enable our employers to upskill their existing staff, without having to commit to classroom learning for 8 whole weeks.

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