CompTIA A+ Exams Retiring

As you may already be aware, CompTIA have announced that they are retiring the 800 series A+ exams (801 & 802) on 30th June 2016.  For those Apprentices who have undergone the training and have not sat BOTH exams by this date you will need to sit the 900 series exams, which have different objectives to be met.  If you already have already passed one of the exams, and do not pass the second before the retirement date, you will need to sit the 901 AND 902 exams to achieve the qualification.  If you have one or both exams outstanding then it’s time to get revising.  Remember, for you to be issued a voucher you need to be providing us with three certification mode Measure-up exam results at over 90%.  If there are particular areas you are struggling with contact your trainer who will be able to provide guidance.

For those of you who currently hold the 800 series qualification, it is still valid for 3 years from the date of passing your second exam, and does not expire until that point.  However, these can also be renewed through the CompTIA continuing education programme (