Common Misconceptions Surrounding Apprenticeships


Have you considered an Apprenticeship after School or College? Do you know exactly what they entail?

Here I’m looking to clear it up to those who don’t fully understand Apprenticeships and bust the myths and misconceptions surrounding them!


“Apprenticeships are just for Hairdressing and Construction”

While traditionally this may have been the case, with Apprenticeships now offered in over 250 professions they are now becoming a great alternative for further education. These days you can now find Apprenticeships within sectors such as IT, Journalism, Law, Accountancy and Business, with huge companies including Microsoft, British Airways, Asda and Barclays (to name a few) offering great opportunities!

“I won’t earn as much as Graduates”

Although graduates might start a work after university on a higher wage than an Apprentice, this is before you take into account any debt they have to repay. Apprenticeships start paying you the day you start your programme – and you are guaranteed at least minimum wage when you start. Last year, a report by AAT found that people with Higher Apprenticeships can achieve an extra £150,000 in their lifetime compared to a graduate. Apprentices also have a huge chance to further their skills and in turn increase their wage dramatically in the 3 or 4 years’ time students might spend at University.

“Apprenticeships are for those who don’t get the grades for College or University”

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about Apprenticeships. Apprenticeships are open to everybody, from GCSE to degree level and are simply an alternative route into employment. Did you know that most Apprenticeships require 5 GCSEs to qualify (just like colleges would ask for), with many higher level programmes having their own UCAS point entry requirements, some even asking for higher grades than many universities!

“To have a good career I need to go to University”

Apprenticeships can take you are far as you want to go within a career. Many rich and famous people including Sir Alex Ferguson, Gordon Ramsey, Karen Millen and Michael Caine actually started off as apprentices and look at how successful they are now! Don’t get me wrong there are some professions which do require a degree although for many others Apprenticeships are now a great way to kick start your career!

“You’ll just be making teas and coffees”

As an Apprentice, you might be the youngest employee within a company, but this doesn’t mean you’ll be doing tea runs and scanning all day long. Companies invest their money in apprentices and have them working alongside industry professionals from day one, many can even end up working on huge projects within a team or even alone within their first 12 months.

“Graduates have better career prospects”

Graduates often struggle to find jobs relevant to their degrees after University due to massive competition and often end up finding part time jobs or unrelated full time work to pass some time before finding a career. Apprentices have a huge probability of staying on within a company once completing their programme, and many could go on to be in a position of management by the time friends leave University.

So what exactly do Apprenticeships really have to offer?

  • You get the chance to gain industry recognised qualifications whilst also earning an income
  • No fees to pay like at some Colleges and University, Apprenticeships are funded by the Government
  • You will develop valuable work experience within the workplace and further your skills and knowledge

If you are considering your options for what to do next, don’t rule out an Apprenticeship due to some of these myths. Why not take a look on to see what opportunities could be available to you?

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