Choosing an IT Apprenticeship was the best decision I’ve ever made

IT Apprentice Aanand Hirani is a Level 4 Apprentice at The Danwood Group. He completed his Level 3 Apprenticeship  last year and is now impressing his employer and trainers with his progression and skills development on his Level 4. Read his blog post here

‘Choosing an IT apprenticeship was no doubt the best decision I have made. I chose an IT Apprenticeship over University because I saw the opportunity of getting more hands on with IT systems in an business environment and at the same time it increases my in-depth knowledge of information systems even more. While all my friends in college were applying for university, I was the only one in my college to apply for an Apprenticeship and no one believed this route would bring me to where I am today. I believed Apprenticeships was the better alternative than university for myself because of the industry i wanted to get myself into.

 The beneficial factors of taking an IT Apprenticeships are getting more involved with IT systems in the business environment, you directly get to work with trained specialist in the workplace and learn from them, earn a salary while you learn internally and externally with the training provider, gain nationally recognised certificates such as CompTIA and Microsoft exams. In my opinion, there are not any bad factors on being on an IT Apprenticeship apart from travelling every month to the training providers centre but in time you get use to it as your motivation and passion increases for learning new things and meeting other apprentices who are on the same journey as you. As an apprentice you will start right at the bottom of the tree, however the key to climbing up that tree to reach an superior level is by being determined to do your best everyday, showing passion in every situation, having an great attitude by showing your employers you are capable of handling every situations and by just believing yourself. 

 The Level 3 IT Apprenticeship changed me as an person – I used to be a person that was shy and reserved but the Apprenticeship bough out the best in me. The journey on the Level 3 taught me how to deal with different types of customers in different situations, it has taught me about different types of information systems, it has increased my professionalism in the workplace and help me build connections that can help me in the future. Another important pointer I learned on the Level 3 is how to effectively manage my time whether it be at work or in my personal time, it has had an positive impact on my day to day life. 

I chose to go on to the Level 4 because I had an even more passion for learning after coming off the Level 3 Apprenticeship, I believe the impact the Level 3 had on me, the Level 4 would be greater. In my organisation I am the first Level 4 Apprentice and I believe by perusing this with The Danwood Group I will be able to move up into an higher position. This higher apprenticeship allows me to gain more certifications such as Network+, Server+ & Security+ and visit the training providers training centre to do more in-depth units than the Level 3 Apprenticeship. I am currently 50% through my Level 4 Apprenticeship, nearly completing all my competent based evidence and i have a few more visits to the training centre to finish off my remaining assignments.

 As an more software based apprentice I see myself in the future going into the solutions departments of The Danwood Group becoming an huge asset to the team as one of their ‘Post-Sales Professional Services Consultants’. I have an ambition of succeeding in this role, and going into leadership such as an manager which I estimated to reach after 4+ years.

I would highly recommend an IT Apprenticeship to individuals who are interested in getting on in this industry. This route allows you to get hands on with information systems that businesses use, and allows you to familiarise yourself with them and actually use them in a workplace. It gives an young person the chance to be an mature young adult earning an salary and learning at the same time which is an great benefit and not being £20,000+  in debt if you was to attend university. The workplace can secure you a permanent job and provide you great amount of support, however after finishing university you have no experience and may not be able to land a guaranteed job. 

Aanand Hirani
IT Support Apprentice at The Danwood Group