Apprenticeships work for Xerox

The theme for this year’s National Apprenticeship Week is: Apprenticeships Work. So, this year we are bringing to you just a handful of success stories, showcasing exactly how well ‘Apprenticeships Work’ for us, for our clients and for our apprentices.

Xerox is an $11 billion company that provides document management technology and related services to a wide range of customers around the world. Xerox prides itself on being customer focused and helping the way the world communicates, connects and works.

Rhiannon Thomas, Entry Programs Specialist at Xerox told us:

“Xerox has taken on Apprentices in many different ways over the years, and our current scheme has been running since 2012. We have seen Apprentices come through the different business areas and move into specialist or management roles.

“The Apprentices have a real impact on the business and are performing critical business roles whilst they are being trained.

“The Xerox Apprenticeship programme is continuously evolving and we are looking at how we can grow our programme across the business in the next few years – we are currently looking for our first Marketing apprentice!

“The intention behind the current scheme was to bring entry level talent into our business to help our continuous innovation and growth across the UK. By having Apprentices working in our business we are able to support the growth of these individuals into key roles as they develop. We also benefit from a different perspective from the Apprentices than we would have through recruiting experienced hires!”

Estio currently have 19 apprentices with Xerox, based in offices around the UK.

Elliot Hyde is 5 months into his Level 3 Infrastructure Technician apprenticeship, and is based in Xerox’s Cheadle office as an Apprentice Field Engineer. To raise awareness about all of the benefits of apprenticeships, Eliot had a chat with us:

Why did you choose an apprenticeship, rather than other routes of education?

After studying Engineering in GCSE, I always had a clear view of what type of career I wanted to be in, as I knew I wanted to do something along the line of engineering, I was just uncertain about how to get there.

I went to college to study Mechanical Engineering, and then attended Manchester Metropolitan University for a year to give it a try. I passed the year, but it wasn’t for me. I didn’t like repeating the same thing, only being in a classroom all day every day.

I chose the apprenticeship route because it has enabled me to continue learning and earn a salary whilst travelling and seeing different places, being out and about, which is what I enjoy.

I enjoy being a field engineer, there are different challenges every day and I’m always going to different locations, whilst meeting new people. It’s a fun job, and at time challenging, but I enjoy a challenge.

Because the theme of NAW is ‘Apprenticeships Work’ why do you think ‘Apprenticeships Work’?

I think that apprenticeships keep people interested, because you learn whilst doing something you enjoy. With the training you receive, and the qualifications you achieve, you will be fully qualified to do a certain job as well as experienced in your role.

Why did you choose to do the apprenticeship you did?

It was to do with a combination of Mechanical Engineering and IT, which are two of my main interests.

What do you love about working for Xerox?

They’re a really good company, very reputable but mainly I enjoy working here because all of the people are really nice. There is a really good culture or support within the business from all the way from Senior members of staff down.

What has been your favourite module?

I enjoyed the Customer Service module, which taught me how to treat customers and retain them, and what service people expect. I found the module really helpful, and I use these skills in my day to day job.

What technical skills have you taken away from your apprenticeship?

Another module that I have done is a week of practice for the CompTIA A+ exam. We covered a lot of practice exams and study materials. The materials cover a lot of networking and how to identify different networks, and the mechanics of printers which I found surprisingly challenging. I’m looking forward to revising this topic so that I can take this information back to the work place and improve my skillsets further.

Have you felt well supported throughout your apprenticeship by your line manager, by trainers, by your skills development coach? How?

My manager is really good, we have regular meetings and one to ones, and he is very supportive.

The trainers at Estio are really good, my trainer that I’ve had so far is good at answering questions. He isn’t too serious, so he answers in an out-of-the-box so that you remember.

I had a meeting with my skills development coach today with myself and my manager, and this was an update of where I am in my apprenticeship. He’s always really supportive and available to contact, always contacting me with emails and schedules regular reviews.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to a friend?

I would recommend an apprenticeship because they enable you to do what you love whilst earning a salary and gaining experience and qualifications. I would recommend my job to anyone who enjoys moving around rather than being stuck in the same location every day.


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