I enjoy travelling to Manchester for Training, it’s fascinating & informative

Meet Chris, he’s a Health Informatics Apprentice based in Blackpool and is currently 9 months into his Informatics Apprenticeship with the NHS.

Prior to starting his apprenticeship, Chris had already attained 10 GCSEs at High School and proceeded to achieve 3 AS levels at College. He decided not to continue on the traditional educational route, such as college as he found it did not offer opportunities for hands on experience or the specific qualifications he wanted.

We had chance to catch up with Chris this week to discuss his experiences so far regarding his Apprenticeship with Estio, here’s what we found.

What does your job role entitle day to day?

My job includes moving between departments, which I enjoy, but it means my job role varies day to day. However, I am currently working within the Health Informatics Department who have the responsibility of creating, designing, implementing and sustaining crucial IT systems used by internal staff to help maintain records, improve the flow and ease of access for information.

What made you choose an apprenticeship?

I’ve always been a person that learned by doing, rather than reading and writing. When I left school I decided that I would prefer to get the hands on experience from a job rather than following a path that, in my eyes, wouldn’t ultimately help me land my dream job. When I was looking around for a job, I came across apprenticeships which are the middle ground between school and work. I enjoy travelling to Manchester for my technical training as I find it fascinating and informative, I am also presented with the opportunity to meet with other people on the same apprenticeship which is always interesting.

Would you recommend an Estio apprenticeship? If so, why?

Apprenticeships provide a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to get their desired qualifications and experience. So far, everyone I have come across at Estio have been incredibly attentive; the training staff are just as interested in my results as I am, which is great if you need reassurance that you’re completing your work to a good standard.

What is your favourite thing about your apprenticeship?

I will admit that getting paid to expand my qualifications is my favourite thing! I’m getting experience and qualifications as well as forming stable relationships with colleagues at work and then I’m able to spend my hard earned money in my own time. My apprenticeship has presented me with the opportunity to save for milestones in my life such as, buying a car or moving out. Through this scheme, I have managed to buy 2 motorcycles, a computer and help to fund holidays for my family.

What is it like working for the NHS?

As we all have to work together to get some things done, it feels like being part of a large community. Walking into the office in the morning and seeing everyone helping each other and pulling together as a team is really refreshing to be a part of, everybody is really friendly and supportive.

Trainer Louise commented: “As Chris’ trainer and assessor, I have found him to be a highly motivated, hardworking, innovative and contentious IT apprentice.  He has an excellent work ethic; quietly and methodically working through any training task.   His attendance and punctuality – have both been excellent. His commitment to the level 2 IT User programme has been very evident-with Chris consistently performing above target and exceeding the requirements of the programme – achieving 2 higher level MOS Expert exams and attaining Office Master Status. He is a pleasure to have in class, a valuable contributor to activities and impacts positively on other trainees. The feedback from Chris’ work place at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, has always been excellent. It is clear, even at this stage in his development, he is adding value to the business, acting as a role model for others and impacting positively on the team.”

We’re pleased to hear Chris is having such a positive experience whilst on his apprenticeship, we wish him the best of luck with his career within the NHS!

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