Apprenticeships – not just for Hairdressers and Mechanics

As the world is developing so are apprenticeships, there is now a larger array of apprenticeships in the UK than ever before. You can now recruit apprentices in more sectors than you think, from Solicitors to Plumbers, Digital Marketers to Project Managers.

The value of apprenticeships can no longer be doubted especially in a world with increasing student debt and prevalent skill shortages across many industries. Apprenticeships are a commendable alternative to a traditional educational route, fantastic career pathway for many people as well as helping to meet the needs of many employers across the UK.


The Apprenticeship Levy that came into effect this April has helped to raise the awareness of apprenticeships to businesses across Britain. Along with the Levy, the Government has also brought more industry-specific apprenticeship standards meaning that employers have the opportunity to take on apprentice that are far more precisely qualified to meet the needs of the company.

However, it is still not widely known that there are more specified apprenticeship programmes in niche sectors than employers are aware of. For example, here at Estio we offer a range of IT apprenticeships in the following areas:

  • Infrastructure Technician
  • Software Development Technician
  • Digital Marketer
  • Network Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Tester
  • Cyber Intrusion Analyst
  • Cyber Security Technologist
  • Data Analyst
  • Unified Communications Technician
  • Unified Communications Troubleshooter
  • Team Leader / Supervisor
  • Project Manager
  • Operations / Departmental Manager

These qualifications are built for apprentices with a vocation and passion for all things digital. These apprenticeships involve a high level of continued education and the learning curve is equally as steep as those attending College & University.

Estio offers recognised specialist IT & Digital Apprenticeships to help fill the tech skills gap which is very prominent in the UK and across the world as a whole, as mentioned previously. The varied range of IT Apprenticeships means it is easier to find the perfect Apprentice for the type of IT sector you specialise in.

If you are interested in appointing an IT Apprentice with Estio or simply look

ing for advice on The Apprenticeship Levy, please contact our Client Engagement Team on 01133 500 333 or email us