I’ve got a taste for my job and apprenticeship, and I want more

This week we caught up with 19 year old Adam McKane who is coming to the end of his Level 3 Apprenticeship in IT Support at Panda IT Solutions based in Wakefield. Panda IT provide IT Support, Web Development, Web Hosting, Web Telecoms and Broadband services. After chatting with Adam in the Leeds Training Centre, we discovered Adam was keen to progress onto a Level 4 Apprenticeship, and so we caught up with him at work to ask him a few questions.

Adam McKane from Panda IT Solutions

Adam, a Project Engineer Apprentice at Panda IT Solutions.

11 months into his role as a Project Engineer Adam is thoroughly enjoying his job. Although the Panda IT offices are based in Wakefield a lot of the work that Adam does is outside of the office, visiting customers and, in his own words, “fixing things”. A day in the life of Adam includes fixing both software and hardware in offices, VoIP and Broadband.

Adam is set to complete his Level 3 in just under a month, so we asked him what motivates him to progress onto a Level 4: “Experience more than anything. I want to learn different things: I’ve got a taste for my job and the apprenticeship and I want more. Rather than join employment at this stage I want the opportunity to learn more as I’ve learnt a lot from both my job and my training. The difference in learning is that at work learning is very fast paced, things need to be done to a high standard but also very quickly. When I’m training I’m able to slow down, take a step back and take a proper look at what needs to be done in order to really understand how certain hardware and software works.”

“One element of my training that has been particularly helpful has been learning about Networking. I found it challenging but it has been my favourite thing to learn about as I enjoy being challenged. We’ve had quite a few modules that have incorporated Networking, which was something that I didn’t know a lot about before. Originally, I had a very basic understanding of IT Networks, but going into the Training Centre and focusing on this every day has really helped me to build a more substantial understanding of all the technical aspects. For example I didn’t know how different layers of a network communicate with each other, but understanding this element has been incredibly helpful when applying it to my job.”

“I’ve felt that the Trainers at Estio have been incredibly supportive. They go the extra mile and help me with extra support when I’ve needed it. I find that the training is really good, the Trainers have been out in the world and experienced IT within the industry so I trust what they teach.”

If you are interested in taking on an apprentice with Estio Training please contact our Client Engagement Team on 01133 500 333 or email hello@estio.co.uk. We are also happy to offer advice to our current apprentices who are interesting in progressing onto the next level of their apprenticeship, just send us over an email!