Top 5 reasons Women should work in technology

Is the IT industry too male dominated? There’s been a lot of said on this subject in the past, all of which may make women think that there’s a reason why so many men want to work within IT and so few women don’t.

The Technology sector has a great deal to offer women as a career choice. The benefits of working in IT can ultimately be far more beneficial than those in other professions.

Here are the top 5 reasons women should work in Technology:

  • Fastest Changing Industry – The IT sector is more likely to see business formation compared to other industries, jobs are always evolving which gives bigger opportunities to individuals. Women, like men in tech, will always be at the forefront of technical evolution.
  • Technology is one of the highest paid sectors – Where there is a skills shortage within the tech industry, the salaries are decent. Information Technology is not known for its ‘remaining in the same job role for years’ type of career. There are many areas women can explore and new skills to learn. Starting out in IT is a good ladder you can use to move up – the further you get, the higher you get paid.
  • The work is meaningful – Whilst a tech career may sound technical, do not assume that you would be coding and building PCs all day and every day. There is a lot more to it and you can make a success out of an IT career without doing those things. Women go into the industry because the job roles mainly include problem solving. Now what do you need to be a good problem solver? The ability to empathise.
  • The work is more flexible – While a lot of sectors still have the traditional 9-5 hour strategy, the tech industry has upped its game – no more do all people in tech need to be working from the office, sometimes they can simply contribute just as well to their role by working from home. Women enjoy this element, especially for those who are thinking of starting their own family or those who already have their own. They are able to balance their work and home life effectively while not curbing their career.
  • Low cost of education – One of the BIGGEST advantages to choosing IT as a career is the low cost of education. You do not need a degree to become a tech professional. You can get quick training to get certified which will save you huge amounts of money in the long run. Companies tend to keep their staff up to date with the latest qualifications, which will give you the opportunity to advance your IT training throughout your career.

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