The difference between Teachers and Trainers

At Estio we encourage our apprentices to train in our training centres, as this allows apprentices to make the most of their training and feel fully supported on their journey with appropriate guidance. For this reason, apprenticeships such as the ones we offer are frequently compared to other forms of education such as Schools, Colleges and University.

Despite the fact that apprenticeships and its alternatives do have a lot of similarities, there are quintessential differences that set the two apart. Yes, apprentices can train in a classroom which is similar to College and University, but the key difference is who’s actually leading the learners. Courses in Colleges and Universities are generally taught by academics, people who have learnt about the subject but may not necessarily have the experience as an apprenticeship trainer.

In contrast to Teachers, our Trainers have several years of experience behind them in their specialised field and have a set of qualifications to support their knowledge. The qualifications they achieve are a certification that they know their working field well and are able to help others physically learn it too.

Teachers are taught thoroughly to teach and as such have a great deal of teacher training, meaning they’re experts in transferring knowledge to students. Teachers will hold a degree plus a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) but this won’t necessarily be in the subject they teach.

Our Trainers will have worked in a similar role to the apprentices so they can offer informed advice on topics and issues they have difficulties with. Utilising their industry experience gained over the course of their career, Trainers are able to bolster the knowledge of apprentices and ensure competence in their learning.

Trainers are typically highly qualified in the subjects they deliver. Some Trainers may have degrees, however, formal work experience coupled with very specific IT Technical Training (e.g. Industry specific qualifications from CompTIA, Microsoft and Oracle) are far more beneficial.

Our seasoned Technical Trainers have first-hand knowledge from their many years of working with IT, many teachers will not have had this same experience.

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