Tips for sitting exams

To carry on with the exam season theme of our blogs, here’s some tips which we think may help you whilst sitting an exam.

Self-talk – Before an exam try to banish negative thoughts such as ‘there’s so many questions’. Try to fill your mind with positive thoughts such as ‘I can do this’ ‘I’m going to ace this test’.

Don’t fixate – When sat surrounded by people sitting the same exam it’s hard not to fixate on how fast others are going and wondering what question they could be on. Try to concentrate on your paper and how well you’re doing.

Posture – During exams we have a tendency to tense up and sit in an uncomfortable position hunched over the desk tapping our feet. The best thing to do is get comfortable, sit back in your seat and relax your arms and keep your feet planted on the ground. This will help you feel relaxed and ready to beat that exam stress.

Answering – If you’re not sure of the answer just carry on with the exam and go back to it at the end. When you have completed all of the other questions your mind will have more space to consider the answer, as it will be more relaxed.

Eating and drinking – Try and eat before an exam so your mind isn’t hungry or distracted. Ensure you have a bottle of water or two (in case you run out) as this will keep you hydrated and help stop dehydration headaches.

If any of these tips have helped you that’s great! Keep trying hard and do the best you can in your exams. Good Luck!

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