“My trainers were very knowledgeable, the information they gave me helped me achieve a Distinction”

Rebecca Andrew is a Digital Marketing Apprentice at V7 Recruitment, based in Manchester, who recently achieved a Distinction in her Level 3 Digital Marketer apprenticeship.

Rebecca Andrew at V7 Recruitment office in Manchester

Rebecca Andrew at V7 Recruitment office in Manchester with her certificate of Distinction

What made you decide to begin an apprenticeship?

To further expand my knowledge in the industry whilst gaining experience in a work environment. It was also a good opportunity for me as it was something that I enjoyed and I didn’t feel like university was the best thing for me.

Why did you choose the apprenticeship that you did?

I studied media at college and really enjoyed it so when I was offered a full-time job I didn’t want to turn the opportunity down. It also helped me to understand the marketing industry and to further build on my skillset.

Why did you choose Estio as your training provider?

The reviews and statistics were amazing and the course provided the learning criteria that we were looking for.

How has the apprenticeship benefited you?

I have learned about my industry and have learnt more about marketing in further detail and this has increased my knowledge and allowed me to help my company fully re-brand in October 2018.

What new technical skills has the apprenticeship given you?

I now understand how to adjust camera setting to create different effects and lighting. I have also learnt the importance of Google Analytics and how I can use it to benefit my company and my work.

Have you felt well supported by your Skills Coach/Trainers?

Yes. Annie was great and was very supportive. If I ever needed help, I could send her an email or call her and she would always help. My trainers were very knowledgeable, and I believe the information they gave me helped me to achieve a Distinction.

If you were to recommend Estio to a friend, what would you say?

Amazing company would definitely recommend!



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