NEW Video directions to the Estio Training Centre in Leeds

If you’re planning a visit to our Leeds Training Centre or offices, perhaps for an interview with one of our Resource team or for your induction, or even for your training and you’re not familiar with the area then hopefully this video will provide clear instructions.

Google Maps and Apple Maps are notorious for sending people the wrong way, so our apprentice Grace has made a video of the route from the South Exit of the Leeds Train Station right to our door!

Watch the video here.

This video details the journey from the Leeds train station to our Training Centre whilst walking you through the locations, but in case you can’t access the link, here is an outline of the directions:

Come out of Leeds Train Station and go down the escalators in the South Exit.

Leave the station via the door on the right after you get off the escalators, and follow the road. You will pass the Golf Bar on your right and an indoor car park, so continue round the corner to the main road (Neville St).

You will then head towards Bridgewater Place. You will need to cross the road, to get over to Bridgewater Place (you will now be on Victoria Rd). Cross the road at the traffic lights to get onto the island, and then take the crossing on your right, you’ll know you’re heading the right way if you are not moving towards ASDA House.

Continue walking down the road, adjacent to Bridgewater Place but on the opposite side of the road this time, and you will see The North America Travel Services. Turn into New Lane and enter the car park on your right. You should be able to see the offices for QBE, continue into the car park and you will see Estio. Come into the building and press the top button on the intercom to speak with Reception, who will open the door and let you in.

Once you are in the building, come up the stairs, turn left and come in the door past the windows on the right.

We’ve outlined the route in orange on this map.

Top tip: Always allow a little extra time (around 15 mins) when travelling, this will allow for any delays and means you arrive relaxed.

We hope you enjoy your visit at Estio, and if you’re coming in for an interview or for training then good luck!