May’s Learner of the Month is Edward Sims

Our Learner of the Month for May is Edward Sims who has worked at Hermes for just over six months and is now beginning to reap the benefits of his Level 3 Software Developer Apprenticeship.

‘Under the Hermes brand, a wide range of specialised companies operate all along the retail value chain, supplying comprehensive logistical services to meet global demands. Whether for businesses or consumers, domestically or internationally, on your doorstep or in e-commerce, over 12,000 highly trained employees work towards a single goal: fully dedicated with all of our experience for our client’s success and an easier everyday life.’

Edward was nominated for Learner of the Month by one of his technical trainers Giovanna Stanica who said “Edward is a very hard working learner, very ambitious and wants to learn as much as he can. He always asks for new challenges. Very enthusiastic and an innovator when it comes to finding divers solutions to problems/ exercises.”

We then caught up with Edward about the achievement and had a discussion about his personal journey into apprenticeships and what his opinions are so far:

“My highest qualification prior to starting my apprenticeship was a Masters in Chemistry but in IT I only had my GCSE’s. I worked in a lab for about a year after my degree and I could already see it wasn’t going anywhere unless I wanted to go into management, which I didn’t. I thought I’d change the pace a little and start my apprenticeship in IT.”

“In the future I see myself continuing to develop in IT but I’d really quite like to go into scientific development and reintroduce my science background into my career.”

“What I like best about my apprenticeship is the freedom to learn essentially, just getting knowledge all day every day from people who are so experienced and want to help you learn. Getting the opportunity to learn full time is just an incredible opportunity.”

“The technical skills I’ve learned since starting my apprenticeship I’d say is mostly Java and general coding skills, but there’s also other little things that you wouldn’t really pick up if you were learning on your own I don’t think. What I mean by that is all the frameworks of coding, and things like that.”

“I like Java, yeah – originally I just thought it was an annoying version of Python but through my apprenticeship training and working with Hermes I think I’ve been converted.”

“I’ve had close to two modules of training so far as I’m early on in my apprenticeship, but out of the two I’d say the programming module was my favourite. It had some coding in it, so I really enjoyed it. The trickiest module I’ve had, again, will have been the programming module because it had an exam at the end. [The exam] Was quite good, yeah – we had so much support for it that it was quite simple in the end.”

“At the beginning of my apprenticeship it was all very new to Hermes to have an apprentice and so there was sometimes a lack of work to do and not the support I had expected. When I voiced these problems, the team at Hermes moved everything around so that this was no longer an issue. I thought this was really good. Now I’ve changed my team and have a dedicated line-manager, it’s going really well.”

“I chose an apprenticeship because I wanted to start a career I had no experience in and couldn’t afford to do without working.”

Bronte Scott is the Apprenticeship Co-Ordinator for Hermes. Here’s what she had to say about the apprenticeship culture at the company:

“The majority of our apprentices are employees who have expressed an interest in developing and have chosen to go down the apprenticeship route, they get continued support from our Learning and Development Team, their mentors and line-managers. They aren’t all existing employees however, we are continuing to bring in more and more talented people as apprentices – like Edward!”

“We have apprentices all throughout the business, including in our Corporate function, IT function, Engineer Apprentices, out in the Field, in our Operation and in our Customer Service – Contact Centre. They get involved in anything that is relevant to their roles and that will help them achieve the greatest results in their apprenticeships.”

“We will continue to take on Apprentices. The biggest benefit to hiring an apprentice is being able to have a positive influence on their learning and career development, it’s also a great benefit that by the end of their training they will be 100% Hermes through and through.”

We’d like to congratulate Edward for all of his hard work at Hermes, and we hope he continues to succeed in his IT career!

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