March’s Learner of the Month is Oluchi Ogbonna

Our Learner of the month for March 2018 is Oluchi Ogbonna who has worked for the NHS for just over six months and has now fully integrated into her workplace and her Level 2 Informatics training.

Lisa Jones, Oluchi’s manager, nominated Oluchi for her being “Involved in high level projects” and admired her “great enthusiasm and focus”.

Lisa told us, “Oluchi is a fully integrated member of the business intelligence team here at Liverpool CCG. Oluchi is involved in high level projects and she completes them with great enthusiasm and focus. Oluchi is a highly respected member of our team and if she is given a piece of work to complete it is always completed to a very high standard.”

Oluchi studied at Bellerive SCJ and attained an impressive 8 GCSEs from levels A*-C including English, Maths and Computer Science. It was in year 10 when Oluchi discovered her passion for IT, saying “I like the coding side more [than the hands-on side of computers]”.

When asked “What do you like best about IT?” here’s what Oluchi had to say;

“There’ll never be not enough jobs in IT. You could stay in IT [for your whole career] and have experience in loads of different areas.”

Oluchi explained that her favourite part of her apprenticeship was that she didn’t have to go to sixth form to get the career she wanted. She explained “Whilst I’m learning about topics in my apprenticeship, my workplace are giving me tasks that go hand in hand with what I’m learning about, so, unlike colleges and schools I’m not learning about things that I’m never going to use again and I get a better understanding of my course.”

We then asked Oluchi “Why did you choose an apprenticeship?” she replied “Well, I chose an apprenticeship because I wanted work experience and I didn’t just want to be taught things in a classroom that I’d never use.”

“My favourite module was Presentation Software because I already had experience in Microsoft Software, so it was almost like I was expanding on my knowledge and learning things I maybe wouldn’t have if I hadn’t taken that module. I use excel a lot in my job so this module was really useful to me.”

When asked about what she finds challenging in her apprenticeship, Oluchi answered: “The actual work environment itself was challenging for me. Just getting myself into that professional headspace was definitely challenging, especially going straight from school to working for the NHS. You know, it’s not just like… finishing a task and then getting handed another one, you have to manage your time well and spread your tasks out throughout the day on your own. So yeah, that was a challenge for me but I’ve definitely overcome that now.”

We’re over the moon to hear about Oluchi’s success with the NHS and her training in the Estio training centre, and wish her all the best for the future.

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