Jess Graham is November’s Learner of the Month

Our Learner of the Month for November is Jess Graham, a Software Tester Apprentice at Innovative Technology based in Oldham, who is currently on a Level 4 Software Tester apprenticeship.

Innovative Technology is a leading provider of cash handling technology we enable businesses across the world to handle coins, notes and tickets more efficiently, reducing cash related security risks and improving their customers’ experience.

Jess was nominated by her trainer Mark Benzar, who mentioned “Jessica does everything by the book and sometimes even better. She was very proactive and eager to learn, she did not shy away from asking questions, or responding when she knew the answers. All her work is always on time and spot-on, done to a very high standard. I would say, this is what an ideal learner should be like.”


Jessica at Innovative Technology in Oldham.


We received great feedback from Jess about why she chose the IT industry and her experience on her Software Testing apprenticeship journey so far:

“I chose to pursue a career in Software Testing because IT is the future of everything, therefore learning in this industry is limitless and that is what appeals to me. I think it’s important to always challenge yourself and learn new things.”

“In the future, I see myself as an experienced or Lead Software Tester.”

“I enjoyed taking part in the remote lessons with other trainees because there was a good atmosphere within my group, my trainer was always full of energy and eager to teach us new things, just as much as we were eager to learn new things. During work, I get a sense of satisfaction when I apply what I’ve learnt on my course to my every day working life. It has made me a lot more confident in my job role.”

“The technical skills I have acquired over the past year has made a massive impact in my department. There was no Software Tester role in that department until the opportunity came up a year ago. My knowledge of the software development lifecycle has helped me improve my reporting and communication skills, which is helping to improve the quality of the software at work. The employees in my department have supported me throughout my training and I think they can see a massive difference in my individual skills and an improvement in the department as a whole.”

“The module I enjoyed most was Test Design Techniques. It helped me understand different techniques to testing, which has improved my way of thinking in work, on how to perform different techniques of testing dependent on the project at hand.”

“I also found the Test Design Techniques module most challenging as there is so much to learn under that subheading in comparison to the other modules.”

“I have felt fully supported during my apprenticeship by my trainer and skills coach, every email I sent, I received a rapid response. I was always asked if I needed anything from them, to ask them and I felt comfortable in doing that. There was a time where a lot was happening at work and on my course and my skills coach rang me to check on me, which I appreciated.”

“I was motivated to accept this apprenticeship in a new job role in work because I enjoy learning and participating in new challenges, this has given me confidence and certainty in my future career.”

“I would definitely recommend the experience to a friend, I have learnt a lot and also gained confidence in my future as a Software Tester.”

Wishing Jess the best of luck with the remainder of her apprenticeship and future career.

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