“Low percentages of females working in software development inspired me to learn to code”

Javairiya Hussain is a Health Informatics Apprentice at the Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust based in Ashton-under-Lyne. She is currently undertaking a Level 3 Software Development Technician apprenticeship, delivered by Estio in conjunction with the North West Skills Development Network.


Javairiya Hussain at the Skills Development Network conference

Javairiya Hussain at the Skills Development Network conference

What made you decide to begin an apprenticeship?

I prefer learning with a more hands-on approach rather than a classroom environment as performing tasks myself helps me to learn better and quicker.

Why did you choose the apprenticeship that you did?

I have always been fascinated by technology and how it works. The percentage of females working in software development is very low – this inspired me even more to learn how to code and choose computer science as a GCSE subject. I enjoyed coding using Python and wanted to be able to create better and more complicated systems as well as learn other coding languages.

Why did you choose Estio as your training provider?

I was given opportunities to network with other apprentices and learn about their roles within the NHS at events such as the Student Conference in Kendal and a Development day in Liverpool.

At the Student Conference, we learnt about Finance and Costing within the NHS and listened to success stories of NHS employees who started off as apprentices.

During the development Day at Liverpool we learnt about how apprenticeships help you to develop and progress faster throughout your career. We were even given a tour of the Anfield football stadium!

At both of the events, fun team-building exercises were planned to allow all the students to work together and get to know each other.

How has the apprenticeship benefited you?

The apprenticeship has benefited me in many ways:

  • It has allowed me to earn whilst I learn.
  • I have gained confidence in communicating with staff members across the trust.
  • The apprenticeship has allowed me to experience what work-life consists of.

What new technical skills has the apprenticeship given you?

I have learned a lot of C# and SQL and how to create apps/systems with them. I have learnt how the business’ data is stored, manipulated and used for reports as well as how new data from patient records have to be loaded into the data warehouse.

Have you felt well supported by your Skills Coach/Trainers?

I have been very well supported by my skills coach as well as my trainers – everyone does their best to provide the learners with what they need to succeed.

If you were to recommend Estio to a friend, what would you say?

I would definitely recommend Estio to my friends as it is a nice learning environment with friendly and knowledgeable tutors.


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