How to stay positive at work

We’re not going to sugar-coat it, starting an apprenticeship can be challenging. It’s a new routine, new daily schedules and very possibly your first summer without a long holiday break. With these challenges, it can be easy to feel demotivated and lacking in positivity. Don’t worry though, we’re in this together and if there’s anything the Estio team are good at, it’s staying positive!

Early mornings are tough for a lot of people, if you’re used to being a night owl in particular. Naturally, we don’t advise going to work fatigued, especially when you have an early morning in front of you. Get some rest – it’s vital for your development and functionality that you’re alert and awake throughout the day. This includes mornings, night owls we’re looking at you. Besides, a little rest never hurt anyone.

Definitely eat breakfast, after all nobody likes to be that person with a rumbly stomach on a morning. Eating before you start your work is always a good idea, it kicks your brain into gear and gives your body the energy it needs to move on with the day ahead!

Everybody is different, working in a blank/stark area simply can’t be good for your brain. Try personalise your work space with some individual touches such as photos that you enjoy or plants. Don’t have a desk? Don’t worry! If your job entails a lot of travelling why not make a playlist of your favourite beats that express your personality? If you feel comfortable you can be yourself, and that’s where all the best ideas come from – you!

While you’re at work it’s good to converse with your colleagues. Building strong relationships with the people you work with will always bode well. We’re a social species which means communication is key to living your life to the fullest. Don’t hesitate to spark up a conversation, maybe your colleague has just come back to work after a holiday, why not show your interest and ask them how it was? Your colleague will definitely appreciate that you noticed their absence and you’re curious about their life experiences. Just remember, a million conversations could result from a few simple words.

If you have some more tips & tricks on staying positive at work that you’d love to share why not let us know? Contact us on or call 01133 500 333 today!