How to find the right apprenticeship for you

Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular year by year.
In 2015/16, there were 509,400 apprenticeship starts in England, 9,500 more than the previous year.

The way young people are taking their next steps from high school and college is rapidly changing and it’s clear why; apprenticeships offer great qualifications without the nailed on debt from university. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – you get paid whilst you learn with an apprenticeship.

Another reason why young people are so fond of apprenticeships is because you can fast track your career by several years rather than taking the slower university route, and earn equal or more than a university student in the long run.

The reasons for choosing an apprenticeship are very convincing, however, the advice on choosing your path doesn’t come easily. First, you have to consider what sector of work you see yourself working in.

Do you see yourself working in the RAF? Do you see yourself as a solicitor? Could you be a journalist? Do you see yourself working in IT or Social Media? These are just a few sectors from a wide list of apprenticeship courses. It’s a wise choice to scope the full spectrum of apprenticeships and see which ones interest you.

The next step would be doing your research on what qualifications are required for you to be eligible to apply for an apprenticeship. It’s generally a good idea to have 5 GCSEs A* to C as this puts you in good stead to catch an employer’s attention. The type of GCSEs required vary on which apprenticeship you are looking to pursue. For example, if you were looking to go into IT and Social Media you wouldn’t be required to have a GCSE in Religious Studies.

The best way to find out if an apprenticeship is right for you, once you have the correct qualifications, is through interviewing. The interviewing process can be scary and sometimes daunting for most people but in order for you to find out if the job is perfect for you it has to be done. Interviewing is a fantastic opportunity to ask questions about the job and see if it’s right for you. Here, you can get a first-hand perspective on what the job role includes, figure out salary and talk about working hours.

Another crucial part of finding the right apprenticeship for you is to base it around your hobbies and interests. If you’re interested in Law, that’s something you could look into, if you’re interested in Literature and Language, that’s another area you could consider.

Apprenticeship opportunities in IT and Social Media are growing all the time. Young people are able to get a foot in the door at some of the most successful businesses via the apprenticeship route. Estio Training is partnered with leading companies such as Sky, Sharp, Xerox, Asda, Marshalls, Covea, The Danwood Group to offer quality apprenticeships.

With Estio you can future proof your career and join the workforce tomorrow. Find out more about our current apprenticeship opportunities at, or call 01133 500 333.

This blog was written by Anthony McCawley, Level 3 Social Media Apprentice.