How to deal with exam stress

Exam Stress

Everyone says that being ‘stressed out’ over an exam is a bad thing. Not necessarily. A little bit of stress can be a good thing to most of us. It motivates us to knuckle down and work hard. Yes exams can make stress levels get out of hand, which may stop us from preforming our best. So it’s best to get it back under control, and crack on.

How to know if you’re stressed

  • Feeling more tired than usual
  • Struggle to focus and feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling anxious and feeling as though your self – esteem is crumbling
  • Struggling to sleep or stay asleep throughout the night
  • Waking up from and feeling exhausted
  • Loss of appetite
Girl worrying over exams

Exam Stress

How to manage stress levels

  • Learn to recognise when you’re stressing out. A break or a chat with someone who knows the pressure you’re under. This will put things into perspective.
  • Don’t listen to the method that your friends use to revise. Use the method that works for you.
  • Eat well, even if you don’t feel like eating. Fuel your brain as well as your body. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and have proper meals. Don’t live off sweets and chocolate. Drink plenty of water. Don’t constantly drink energy drinks or coffee. You won’t be able to think straight.
  • Sleep is important. Don’t revise all night, get your 8 hours, you need to try your best to sleep, and wake up in the morning feeling fresh.
  • You might not think of this but exercising de-stresses the mind. Make room for this in your timetable

So when these exams are taking place, and you’re working your hardest to pass. Don’t lose sight of the fact that there is life after exams. Don’t let exams take over your mind. You are your own person. Don’t listen to everyone else. Do what you think is best, and what will help you succeed in exams, and in the future. Be positive.