How to apply for an Estio IT Apprenticeship

Are you interested in applying for an IT Apprenticeship and want to know the application process? Below is Estio’s step by step guide through the recruitment stages:

Step 1: Decide which area of IT interests you most. For example, if you’re a creative individual with exceptional conversation skills then a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship would suit you best, or if you’re a very technical hands on person who loves taking computers and laptops apart, then an Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship may suit you best. Read more about our courses here.

Step 2: Check out the wide range of Apprenticeship vacancies on our website and ensure you check the entry requirements.

Step 3: Apply for the role you’ve chosen by email, telephone or apply online through the Estio website.

Step 4: We will then contact you for an informal chat regarding your application – please have your CV ready.

Step 5: If successful we will then invite you in for a formal interview. We recommend that you prepare some notes (only a page of two) if you think they may help you answer questions relating to the Apprenticeship you have chosen. Also, please remember to dress smart as you want to make the best impression possible.

Step 6: If you are a strong candidate we will create a bespoke profile of your skills and send this to employers of your choice.

Step 7: If the employer is interested in your profile you will then attend an interview with them.

Step 8: Before you attend the interview we will provide you with advice and support throughout this process to ensure you feel confident and reassured.

Step 9: If you impress the employer during your interview most likely you will be offered the job. If not, don’t worry you might be sent to multiple interviews. Even some of our strongest candidates are sent to a few interviews before they find the perfect job for them.

Step 10: Start your Apprenticeship with your chosen employer. The Estio team will support you throughout your Apprenticeship with regular workplace visits from your dedicated IT Assessor.

If you would like any advice and guidance regarding your Apprenticeship application or if you have any general enquiries don’t hesitate to contact us on 01133 500 333