Highest rating from Ofsted at latest provider monitoring visit

Estio’s latest Ofsted monitoring visit has proven a huge success as we achieve the highest rating possible- Significant Progress. Led by a representative of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate, the two-day assessment, which took place in February, was themed around the progress being made to ensure staff teach a curriculum and provide support to meet learners’ needs, with a focus on leadership and management, quality of training and education, and safeguarding.

The assessment came as result of the regulatory body’s requirement to ensure that independent training providers are continuing to deliver high quality apprenticeships for learners in the current circumstances. Encompassing an extensive review of teaching and learning provision, curriculum development, and learner progress support, the overall findings were well received, with high commendation for our commitment and efforts to minimising the impact of Covid-19 on learners over the past year.

Chief Operations Officer, Nichola Hay said: “I’m delighted at the result we have received with this visit, and the clear improvements we have made since our last monitoring visit. Our success is down to the hard work of everyone at Estio and our unwavering commitment to our learners and their achievement.”

The results improved on Estio’s first provider monitoring visit back in 2018. Areas of notable progress include working closely with employers to plan programme content, and ensuring that within the workplace, apprentices gain exposure to the right activities for developing the relevant skills. The comprehensive and individually tailored support given to learners was also recognised, in particular those with additional learning requirements or those needing a more intense intervention to maintain progress.

Other areas of success include the breadth and depth of expertise across Estio to ensure the highest quality apprenticeship provision; the rigorous assessment of apprentices to ensure they are recruited to the right programme; and the rapid progress of learners through the use of additional resources for revision and further learning.

Nichola added: “Our learners are at the heart of everything we do at Estio. While I’m extremely proud of the recognition we’ve received by Ofsted, what matters most is that the learners are getting the best experience, and that we continue to do everything we can to ensure their successful attainment.”

You can read the full Ofsted report .
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