Coronavirus (Covid-19): what you need to know

Estio now delivers all apprenticeship programmes remotely through a combination of trainer-led online training and assessment sessions, e-learning activities and 121 progress review sessions.

All learning activities are accessed through a variety of platforms in line with learner and employer requirements – these are most commonly Microsoft Teams, Webex and Zoom. In addition, all apprentices have access to our VLE for additional resources to support their apprenticeship programme and to enrich the learner experience.

Training and assessment activities are timetabled, and training schedules are shared with all learners and employers at the induction meeting before the full apprenticeship programme commences. The 4-weekly and quarterly review sessions are continuing to take place, 121 online, as well as the training and assessment sessions with the Estio training team.

Our commitment

Where learners do not have access to devices required as part of the training, Estio will provide the appropriate equipment to reduce any barriers to learning and assessment.

For modules that contain practical hands-on activities, we have sourced alternative learning activities, such as Practice Labs, to allow your training and learning to continue unaffected.

Where learners are required to sit an examination and prefer to attend a training centre, Estio will accommodate this following all safety rules, regulations and government guidance.

Where learners are identified as having additional SEND requirements, Estio will meet these needs through a variety of actions and steps to ensure no barriers to learning and assessment.

Expectations of learners

To ensure that your learner experience and educational progression is not impacted, we politely ask that you to:

  • Please inform a member of the Estio team of any changes in circumstances such as access to equipment, platforms so that we can address them.
  • Please continue to attend all scheduled activities in line with the training scheduled provided and notify any non-attendance at least 48 hours prior to your online session.
  • Please inform us of any barriers (existing potential) to your online learning experience so that we can support and provide.