Coming towards the end of your apprenticeship?

Are you on an Apprenticeship and wondering if your employer is going to keep you on? Do you want to stay with that organisation after your Apprenticeship? If so you need to make it absolutely clear to your employer that you want to stay on. Read our advice on how to impress your boss and secure a permanent role after your Apprenticeship has finished.

Find out about the other departments within your organisations

You might have been working in your organisation for a year or so now, but do you really know a lot about the other departments in the company? It’s good to look wider to the other departments. Taking an interest shows initiative and passion for the business. Working with and taking an interest in other departments will allow you to get to know the individuals better and raise your profile.

Pass on any leads or information that you come across that might be helpful to colleagues and ask your boss if you can work in a different department for an hour or two a week. This will enable you to get a better understanding of other areas of the business and help you build a better relationship with the employees in that department.











Give it a go yourself – don’t always lean on your team

Before you lean over to your colleague and ask for help – give the task at hand a go yourself. If you manage to work it out then stop at once and embrace that feeling of gratification you’ve gained from figuring it out by yourself. Now that thing you have conquered will be more engrained and less likely to be forgotten.

When challenges arise, you’ll get better at knowing where and how to look for solutions, making you a versatile individual with a range of skills and ability to tackle problems head on independently.

Be creative, do extra, be helpful, go the extra mile

How many hours a day do you work 9-5, ok what about if something has come up where your colleagues will have to stay later at work. What would you do? Go home or stay?. Well you want to carry on working with that organisation after you finish your Apprenticeship so you want to give the right impression don’t you? So if your colleagues haven’t asked you to stay on, then go over and offer to help. It is important to keep giving plenty of ideas to your team so it’s beneficial for you and your organisation. Your team will thank you for that. Always get involved, if your work load isn’t packed then do extra or go and see if the other members of your team needs help. Again it’s better for you and your colleagues.

Keep positive, don’t be negative

Keep positive and smile your way through the day. No one wants a colleague who looks at the negatives, they want someone who will be backing their team and organisation all the way.

Make sure you remember these tips, they will be useful. Never give up, if you want something then go for it. Always be positive and always smile. As one of our Apprentices says ‘the best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.’