Cirino Sousa is August’s Learner of the Month

Our Learner of the Month for August is Cirino Sousa, an Infrastructure Technician at Stridon, based in London. Cirino is currently undertaking his Level 3 Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship and was nominated for this award by his Trainers.

Cirino’s skills coach told us about his success during training “Cirino works exceptionally hard, he has passed all of his due exams and his portfolio work is of a very good standard. Cirino is ahead of expected progress and is proactive in identifying evidence for his portfolio. His target progress overall is 45% and his actual progress is 79% and his target off the job hours is 120 and he has recorded 286. Cirino is a great apprentice with a positive ‘can do’ attitude and a pleasure to coach”.

Cirino at the Stridon office.

Cirino has been on his Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship for 8 months and provided us with an insight into his experience as an apprentice:

“I was 14 when I first got my PC, a few years later I then realised my lack of knowledge in IT. Once researching I started to upgrade parts of my computer and this feeling of accomplishment felt amazing. Ever since I have loved learning about IT.

In the future I would like to be in a managerial role within IT. My favourite thing to do is educate others, for example I love showing my younger brother parts of my computer I have built. The best part of my apprenticeship has definitely been gaining the experience as well as a qualification, I think it’s a beautiful combination. When you go to university you just get the theory work, and once completing this you don’t have any practical skills or experience. Therefore it’s difficult to get up and going in real life work.

I have for sure acquired technical skills throughout my apprenticeship, especially software skills which I did not know before. I was mainly a hardware guy, however learning how all the components work within a computer behind the scenes was very interesting.

I have felt supported throughout my apprenticeship, especially from my skills coach, she always lets me know that if I ever need to contact her I can. My tutors at Estio ensure I have the resources I need to revise from home. My colleagues at Stridon are brilliant, they ask me what I’ve been learning and then then allow me to experience it in real life, in a business environment. For example, one time I expressed that I’d like to learn the different coloured wires within an ethernet cable, so my colleagues at Stridon, cut the end on the cable to show me and asked me to recreate the order. I was able to use the crimping tool too, and was really pleased when it worked!

I really wanted to learn more about IT, that’s my passion and I will never give it up. An apprenticeship is definitely the way forward with IT, you learn and experience and meet new people, which is the perfect combination. I would always recommend an apprenticeship, I already have to my friends who were considering going to university and I am telling them that an apprenticeship is beneficial. I think its miles better to start an apprenticeship than going into an IT course at university”.

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