Apprenticeships – The key facts

Are you considering an apprenticeship but struggling to find out all the facts. In this article, we look at everything you need to know including what an apprenticeship is, what is involved and where it can lead.

How long is an Apprenticeship?

The legal duration of an Apprenticeship is a minimum of one year. Apprentices work for at least 30 hours a week. Your role combines a real paid job where you can gain hands on experience with specialist training. Apprentices receive between 7 and 11 weeks of intensive IT training in week release blocks. In the workplace, Apprentices carry out an agreed role to learn on the job whilst also benefitting from regular assessments and one to one guidance from an assessor, colleagues and managers.

Is an Apprenticeship a qualification?

Yes, a City and Guilds certificate will be awarded to you at the end of your Apprenticeship. However, Apprentices can also study for other professional, industry or educational qualifications as part of their training.

How much are Apprentices paid?

Apprentices have a special rate in the minimum wage, but employers often pay above the minimum. The national minimum wage for an apprentice is £3.40 an hour, aged 16-18, plus you will be paid for your holiday entitlement.

What happens at the end of an Apprenticeship?

Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you may continue to work as part of that organisation, and in some cases get the chance to progress on to a higher-level apprenticeship.

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