5 ways to stay motivated at work

Sometimes finding motivation can be difficult, especially when it’s nearing the end of the day and leaving time is calling your name. Although slacking for the remaining twenty minutes may seem like a good idea at the time, it’s only going to set you back the following day. If you finish the task at hand it makes things easier for you in the morning as you start on a fresh page of things to do. With this said, here’s some great ways to stay motivated as an apprentice at work!

  1. Change Your Perspective – If you view a certain task as a ‘chore’ you’re probably going to want to avoid it until the very last minute. Why not see this ‘chore’ as just another small goal to complete that’ll further your career and take you one more step up the ladder?
  2. Keep A Good Work/Life Ratio – If you find yourself trying to complete one of those tedious tasks that nobody really likes try thinking of something positive to look forward to. Great examples would be a holiday or going to the cinema after work with friends, these will undoubtedly keep you motivated.
  3. Listen To Music That You Enjoy – Most people have a go-to song or album that makes them feel happy, empowered and strong. Listening to something you enjoy is a great way of passing time when you’re completing a task that’s not necessarily the most engaging.
  4. Set A Personal Goal – If you have a big task it’s a great idea to cut it down into small goal points which you can check off when you reach them. This makes the task look monumentally smaller than what it originally seemed. It’s a great way to pass time too; before you know it your task is finished and you’re ready to take on the next challenge.
  5. Take A Deep Breath – It sounds simple but if you’re stressed your mind isn’t at its best. You can use any of the previously listed methods to relax. One small mistake won’t be the end of your career, you’re still learning!

Motivation ultimately comes down to your own state of mind, it’s not something you can touch or feel with your senses; it’s all about your own headspace. Estio have partnered with local charity 42nd Street to give expert advice to apprentices struggling with mental health issues. To find out more about 42nd Street and the work they do visit their site at http://42ndstreet.org.uk/

Now go and have fun, be motivated and take on each task one at a time.

If you think we missed something or have any suggestions about keeping motivated email us on anthony.mccawley@estio.co.uk

This blog was written by Anthony McCawley, 17 year old Digital Marketing Apprentice.

Twitter: @EstioAnthony