5 easy ways to reduce stress

As Estio Training is supporting National Mental Health Awareness Week, I’ve listed some of my top tips for apprentices to reduce stress and look after their mental health.

Stress for Apprentices

As an apprentice myself I can relate to how easy it can be to feel stressed at work. You’re a young person in the working environment for the first time – for some people it can be a stressful period. Most of the stresses that you feel are preventable, the general key is timekeeping and making sure that you’re fully prepared for the day ahead. Here’s how to stay on top of game and avoid sweating the small stuff.

  1. Plan – Before you leave your workplace make sure you have everything prepped for the next day. Do you have outstanding work that you need to finish? Maybe you need to complete a task before you leave rather than midway through it.
  2. Rest – While stress at work can be a result of deadlines and other external sources, working on only a few hours sleep definitely won’t help. In fact, I strongly recommend you have at least 8 – 10 hours of sleep in order to be your most productive self.
  3. Eat – It’s a pretty basic function but while you may get carried away with work, food can sometimes be the last thing on your mind. Your body needs nourishing in order to keep up with you and your busy day. Remember to drink plenty of water too to keep hydrated.
  4. Ask For Help – Sometimes it can feel like your workload is stacking up against you, remember that you’re an apprentice and you’re still learning – it’s perfectly okay to ask for help.
  5. Be Positive – Emitting positive energy is likely to make others around you feel positive too. The end result is a happy apprentice and happy workplace!

Now go forth and conquer your stress with a positive attitude and good timekeeping – I know you can do this!

We’d love to hear some of your stress solutions! Why not send an email to me Anthony.mccawley@estio.co.uk or call 01133 500 333.

This blog was written by Anthony McCawley – 17 year old Apprentice at Estio Training. Twitter – @EstioAnthony

Thanks for reading.