Advice on apprenticeships for parents

Do you want to find out if an Apprenticeship is the right option for your son/daughter? In this article we look at all the reasons why Apprenticeships are growing in popularity and why they provide a real alternative to College or University.

  • Apprenticeships can offer your son/daughter one year for a Level 3 (or two years on Level 4 Apprenticeship) of valuable experience. It’s a chance to gain qualifications and learn on-the-job skills – this will look great on their CV. They will start to earn their own money and gain independence.
  • Numerous UK companies have someone in their senior management team who started their career as an Apprentice. Celebrities Apprentices include Jamie Oliver, Deborah Meaden, Charlie Mullins and Stella McCartney and many more who kick started their incredibly successful careers via an Apprenticeship.
  • There are legal requirements that come with an Apprenticeship, like making sure that all the Apprentices are healthy and safe, which employers take very seriously. It provides an opportunity to mix with lots of different types of people from different backgrounds etc.
  • With University tuition fees and other college/uni expenses on the increase, Apprenticeships provide a much better financial alternative. You don’t want your son/daughter to be in tremendous amount of debt from studying and then have to start at the bottom of the career ladder. Apprenticeships lead on to full time employment in more than 90% of cases – they provide a real foot in the door to some of the UK’s leading companies.
  • Gain a real City & Guilds qualification and other along the way. If you son or daughter doesn’t quite have the grades required it’s possible to sit Functional Skills qualifications to make up the points needed.
  • Apprenticeships are the way forward as the Government aims to increase the number of Apprentices to 5 million by 2020. The training provided is government funded and Apprenticeship wages are paid direct by the employer – providing the best option.

Advice on Apprenticeships for Parents

Should you require any more advice or guidance on Apprenticeships please do not hesitate to contact Estio Training or seek advice via the National Apprenticeship Service.