Advice for new apprentices

I’m now six months into my Digital Marketing apprenticeship and can easily say it has been incredibly challenging, a huge learning curve, but also an immensely rewarding experience.

My first week as an apprentice was exactly why I got into an apprenticeship in the first place. I expected to be watching and listening but I was shown what to do and left to have a go myself.

Travel wasn’t a problem for me as I don’t drive so I’m used to getting public transport. I double checked the train times and made sure I was early in the morning as I didn’t usually get on the train at rush hour.

It’s daunting when you start a new job, especially in an office environment when everybody is already comfortable with each other. I found it really easy to settle into Estio, everyone was really welcoming and I didn’t feel uncomfortable. I took my own lunch for my first day, not knowing what would be around me I thought this would be the better option. This also meant that I had the chance to talk and get to know everyone.

What is the right thing to wear? What’s appropriate? Will I be dressed like everyone else? These are some of the questions that went through my head on the night before. Always dress to impress on your first day. Look as smart as the individual who interviewed you and if your office has more of a casual feel, you can always rearrange your outfit to fit the vibe of your office the next day.

I prepared as much as I possibly could for my first day, I prepared what I was wearing so it was all ironed and ready so I wasn’t stressed in the morning about where my clothes were or that they didn’t look smart. I prepared my lunch and my breakfast, and sorted out my bag making sure I had everything I needed. That said, the most important thing for me about preparing for your first day is getting yourself a good night’s sleep.

Skills I’ve already learnt by becoming an apprentice: there are small things such as spelling, punctuation and how to word pieces of literature. Then there are more interesting things such as designing social media posts and job advertisements. These have been more challenging to grasp as I’ve never used graphic design software before and I’ve never designed for a business so getting to know the branding guidelines has been a bit tricky to grasp. I’m given a lot of free rein with the designs which I really enjoy, even if sometimes they’re not quite right it’s all a learning curve.

Prepare well, dress well, but most importantly… relax! You’ve been hired at your company for a reason and this will probably be one of the most rewarding ways to start your career, because it’s certainly been mine.