A-Level results don’t determine your future

Whether you’re a student, parent or friend it is a day of anticipation across the country. It’s A-Level results day, some students may be feeling over the moon and some a little concerned.

This year’s results saw a record high of top grades being achieved by British sixth formers, despite the harder exams. However, although it is amazing to have exceedingly high grades, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve secured your place in University. An increasing amount of top Universities such as Cambridge, Oxford and Durham have introduced their own custom exam procedures that will be enforced before students are granted entry into University.

Of course, if you ‘fail’ their exams the University should still take your application into consideration by comparing your A-Level grades to the grades you achieved on their examinations. The exams essentially just give the University a greater insight into how much you understand the course you’re applying for.

What Happens If I’m Not Granted My Place?

So let’s presume your first choice rejects your application, what next?
Well, you could go through with your second and third choices or even try get into University through clearing. Apprenticeships however, are what we recommend.

Here at Estio we recruit all year round for fantastic candidates, like you, to become great apprentices and craft your own path without the debt. No deadlines, no stress, so you can apply whenever you want, wherever you want cutting out the need to rush.

The great thing about apprenticeships is that grades aren’t the end of the world if you didn’t attain what you were expecting. That’s right, we offer Functional Skills classes that cover topic areas such as Maths, English and IT that enable you to complete the apprenticeship you’ve applied for without worrying about grades too much.

It just goes to show that grades really don’t determine your future. We train apprentices who achieved top grades and grades that aren’t as high, but in the end they all come together at the same place to learn the same subject.

Go ahead, dare to learn in an apprenticeship!
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