7 simple ways to be a more productive apprentice

With the increase of apprentices in the workplace, here are some top tips to get the most out of your working day.

The average working day for an apprentice is around 8 hours. It’s important that your time keeping is impeccable and you structure your time well. As a junior member of staff you need to impress your boss with your productivity and attitude in the workplace.

7 Simple Ways to Be a More Productive Apprentice

This post will walk you through seven simple ways to increase your productivity at work. Why don’t you test them out for yourself and hopefully see some positive results.

  1. Utilise Your Commute – If you travel to work via public transport you may have a window for you to spend on your phone or laptop. Most people choose to scroll through their social media platforms to waste a bit of time – avoid this at all costs, procrastinating will not improve your performance! Instead, why not catch up with your emails, do some research & think about what you are going to be working on that day. This will save you some time and give you a head start for the day ahead.
  2. Turn Your Mobile Phone Off – Being proactive with your phone on your commute is a great idea, however in the office it is a different story. Keep your phone out of sight so it doesn’t distract you. Being seen to be on Snapchat during the working day isn’t very professional either. Use your break times to check your personal stuff.
  3. Ask For Advice – As an apprentice the worst thing you can do when you’re stuck is to sit in silence and not ask for help. Before you know it you may fall behind and find a backlog of work building up. You never know who might be able to help with your task so don’t be afraid to just ask.
  4. Take Breaks – Always remember to take a break. Sometimes a quick drink or bit of fresh air can help clear your head and make you more productive. Coming back to your project after a break can often help you reflect on your work and be more efficient.
  5. Stop Multitasking – You’ve most likely heard that multitasking is the best way to work, however studies show that taking on more than one task at once can lead to simple errors or mistakes due to a lack of concentration. Taking on one project at a time allows you to focus solely on the task at hand and save time as you won’t have to constantly go back to tasks and correct mistakes.
  6. Take a Risk – If you have an idea that’s a little bit out there don’t be afraid to voice it. Your idea could lead to someone else having an idea and so on, even if your idea doesn’t quite work at least you can say that you put effort into your work.
  7. Liven Up Your Workspace – While in the short term this can take a bit of time, adding pops of colour or plants can liven up your workplace and help you to feel more motivated.

This blog was written by 17 year old Apprentice Anthony McCawley – he has shared some of his tips and experiences from his apprenticeship journey so far on his IT Apprenticeship. If you have any other top tips or suggestions let him know via Twitter @EstioAnthony

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