5 reasons you should consider an apprenticeship in IT

If you’re contemplating how you could turn your passion for IT into a career, a specialist IT apprenticeship with Estio is definitely the place to start. In this blog our apprentices share their top 5 reasons for chosing an IT Apprenticeship.

Each year we train hundreds of young people in all areas of IT including Infrastructure, Software, Web, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing and Social Media. So why should you choose an apprenticeship over the other alternatives such as college or university?

  1. Money – You earn while you learn, no debt! Universities plunge young people into thousands of pounds worth of debt. Do you really want to be paying a lifelong bill for an education that could’ve been paid for via an Apprenticeship?
  1. Experience – The biggest unique selling point that’s driving apprenticeships to the forefront of education is the undeniable, unbeatable work experience that comes with it. It’s becoming more and more vital to employers that their future employees have experience in their chosen sector of work.
  1. Qualifications – Apprenticeships provide real industry-recognised qualifications over the course of the programme. All our achievers receive valuable City & Guilds certificates as well as the latest Vendor Qualifications from Microsoft and CompTIA.
  1. People – With an apprenticeship in IT you have a brilliant opportunity to meet lifelong friends with similar interests.
  1. Passion – An apprenticeship gives you a defined path to build a career utilising your passion for IT and everything tech!

If you’re still not convinced or have any questions about apprenticeships we’d love to hear from you. Why not send an email to hello@estio.co.uk or call 01133 500 333 to find out more about Estio IT Apprenticeships.

This blog was written by Anthony McCawley – 17 year old Apprentice at Estio Training. @EstioAnthony