Thinking about a new job – sort your social media!

Thinking about a new job – then sort out your social media!

If you are considering applying for new role and developing your career it’s essential to consider the way you conduct yourself online.

Your personal social media presence can really affect your employability more than you think. Employers use social media too, especially to check out the background and look at the personality of an individual. Before sending off that job application be mindful of the following social media pitfalls:-


T – True?

Believe it or not, providing false information online is illegal, with a maximum of 7 years in prison. Avoid making false claims eg. Working at a company that doesn’t exist or exaggerating your experience as this could land you with a criminal record. Most companies check out references and run background checks against future employees.

H – Helpful?

Does it have potential to benefit you in anyway or anyone else for that matter? No? Don’t post it.

I – Illegal? If it is yes, most definitely do not post it on Social Media, it will have a massive knock on effect of your employability in the future.

N – Necessary? Keep it relevant; think about the type of image you want to portray of yourself. Potential employers are likely to search your online activity to get an inclusive understanding of your personality and professionalism. A way of avoiding this can be to change your setting to “private” so only your following can view your feed (although this does not mean all practices of your online presence will be untraceable).

K – Kind? Don’t ever bad mouth anyone on social media, especially not your boss or work colleagues for that matter. We’re entitled to our opinions but keeping them to yourself should be a priority, especially when online. Avoid participation in negative remarks and posting your own to prevent affecting your current & future career.

Think about the type of photographs of you that are posted online too. If you are always holding a vodka bottle or seen to be hungover on a regular basis, a future boss may not employ you.

Always remember before posting on social media:

“When social media becomes a place where you start to share your negative thoughts or you become negative from other people’s posts, remove yourself before you ruin your reputation.”