Pre interview checklist

Read our blog on how to prepare for an Interview and what you should do to prepare for it.

  1. Plan your route

When planning your route to the interview you need to take in to account a certain amount of leverage time in case of traffic and other problems that may possibly occur. If you have time, practice the journey so you know how much time needs to be accounted for travelling. Every interviewer loves someone that is early, so try to get there 10 minutes before the interview is set to start.

  1. Research the company

It is extremely important to understand what the company does and what services they provide, after all you could be working for them. Do as much as you can to research the market they are in. Educate yourself so you are ready for any type of questions they will ask you.

  1. Prepare your own questions

One of the keys to success at any interview is learning to treat it like a two-way conversation. It demonstrates a genuine interest in the company and impresses employers with the knowledge of the company and research done. 9/10 recruiters agreed that candidates should come with some pre-prepared questions for every interview.

  1. Outfit

How you look at an interview is crucial, the way you hold yourself and present yourself speaks for yourself. Go with something slightly smarter than the company’s everyday attire. And it doesn’t always mean a suit. If you’re struggling, call ahead of time and ask for guidance from someone in their HR team, or take a trip to the office in advance.

  1. Extras

Make sure you have a copy of your CV to hand, certificates, references from previous employers, client testimonials and possibly a smart business bag/briefcase.

Most importantly don’t forget to smile, employers like to see personality as well as work ethics and achievements, be confident. Good luck!