Make yourself indispensable at work

In the current economic climate, staying put and amping up your performance at work is the way to make progression possible, you don’t always have to leave a job to progress.

Being indispensable is about being the best. If you’re always striving to be a better, more valuable contributor, people will inevitably take note and you will get ahead.

Don’t be a loner

Teamwork has become a key skill employers look for in an individual. It’s not all about YOUR ability to carry out tasks anymore, but how well you cope with sharing the responsibility and ideas with other colleagues. Fitting within the network of the workplace is a part of the new definition of a great employee.

Seek opportunities for management experience

Actively pursue any opportunity for managing employees, no matter how small and trivial or how daunting the task may seem. There’s a difference between pushing for this position and kindly volunteering when a position arrives, if someone says there’s a job to be done, raise your hand first and ask for help later. The biggest mistake is passing up this opportunity.


It’s really easy to add more things to your to-do list but just as critical – if not more so – to know what to take off. It’s no secret that work can be an overwhelming place, particularly in a post-recession environment where the number of direct reports answering to any given manager has increased by an average of 50% in the past five years. Good decision making, delegating and prioritisation are the signs of an effective leader, no matter your position within the organisational matrix.

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