Business Networking: hints and tips to make you a Pro

Networking has become an essential part of building a career, especially with 70% of jobs being found this way, it is a no brainer to take part in regular Business Networking events.

The key idea behind Networking is getting yourself out there, creating links and relationships with other businesses and individuals that in turn will become a free walking, talking advertisement for your business. Forming relationships is a great way to helping you get that bit closer to finding your dream job, you’re more likely to receive information about job opportunities this way and may have a good recommendation already.

You will learn of new developments in your field: new tools, processes, leaders, training programs, products and services. You may discover the solution to a problem you face at work, networking is extremely beneficial to the growth and development of your business.

Some Top Tips on how to be a successful Networker:

  1. Make sure you are pursuing relationships and NOT sales: Don’t just go into networking events looking for customers, find individuals that may benefit the growth and development of your Business in the long run.
  2. Be an active listener, nobody likes someone that only talks about themselves: Make sure you listen carefully to what people have to say, they may have some helpful tips to improve your business.
  3. Remember quality over quantity: There is no point having 40 + contacts if only 5 of them will be beneficial.
  4. Share your achievements: After all this networking, you want to promote your qualities and achievements the best you can, it may mean the difference between getting a sale or that new job.
  5. Follow up: Connect with the individuals on LinkedIn, Twitter or any Social Media sites with your business presence, it’s a good way to get to know an individual’s interests and views without emailing back and forth constantly.

Good luck and Happy Networking!