Brexit: What it means for IT Contractors

Brexit has been sending shock-waves through the world of politics and finance since it was announced last June, making Britain’s future look unclear. If you’re an IT contractor or freelancer, you may be feeling confused or concerned about your prospects – particularly given some of the warnings about the economic consequences of Brexit.

In the article, we tackle some of these issues and aim to put any concerns to rest.

As we know, Brexit is uncharted territory. No politician, economist or business leader knows how the next few years will pan out, but it is important to stay positive as the uncertainty may well end up boosting demand for contingent workers.

Due to lack of clarity, employers may find it hard to find permanent staff for roles which in turn may mean they will have to recruit more contracted candidates.

We have seen a shift towards contracting as opposed to permanent hiring during previous periods of economic uncertainty and there’s every reason to expect it could happen again. Contractors could in turn be one of the main beneficiaries of the vote to leave Europe. This could also mean a lot more IT professionals may make the leap into contracting – creating more demand for the services of recruitment firms that specialise in sourcing and placing contractors.

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